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OverDrive app problem on iOS

Hi. After the last iOS update I remember seeing a note somewhere on your site about the problem with trying to download titles to the app. I am still having this issue and wondered if there was a fix or workaround available yet? Audio books download fine but ePub books cause the app to crash. Thanks!


Can you please try to purchase the DVD; Finding Noah an adventure of faith. Director Brent Baum.

Thank you, Jill Brown

Hi there. Please fill out

Hi there. Please fill out our Patron Request for Purchase form ( and we'll be happy to consider the title for inclusion in our collection.

Check-out history

Is there a way to see my my Overdrive check-out history? There were some books that expired before I could listen to them but I don't remember what all of them were.

Reply (Checkout History)

To protect your privacy, OverDrive does not maintain records of checkout history. For more information, see OverDrive's privacy policy.

In some versions of the OverDrive app, a history of titles that you've downloaded is stored in the app, for your records only. OverDrive does not have access to this record.

The above response is directly from the OverDrive Help website.

Extra Pages

I have noticed the last couple books I have downloaded via OverDrive have about six to seven blank pages tacked on to the end of every chapter. Any insight?


Hi there!

Hi there! Could you please tell me the title of the book? OverDrive support needs the title of the book to help determine the issue.
Thank you Melissa

Foreign language education on line

What foreign language courses does pprl offer and how are they found?

Hi there. We currently offer

Hi there. We currently offer Mango Languages free for library card holders. You can find all our language resources here:

I hope this helps!

Hidden Falls, Episode One: Ordinary Secrets

I just found out this ebook is available on WorldCat.

Recommending an ebook to Overdrive

I see on your site you have the Hidden Falls series of ebooks. However, the first book, Episode One: Ordinary Secrets is missing. I spoke to Overdrive, and they said I would have to ask you to send a request to them to add Episode One: Ordinary Secrets to their catalog. It is available from Kindle ebooks for free. So, I am asking you to contact Overdrive and ask them to obtain Episode One: Ordinary Secrets from Kindle and put it in their catalog. In that way every library have a complete set to offer to their patrons. Contact me if you have any questions. Thank you very much.

Recommending an ebook

Thanks for your question. OverDrive has a blanket response to title inquiries since they have 600K titles and can't tell what is available in the support department. I will recommend this title but if the title were available to them, it would already be on the list. I see a lot of series where the first book is free to consumers and not available to libraries. I suggest you get Ordinary Secrets while it is free. Thanks again.

Suspend a hold

If you suspend a hold do you come back at the same place in the hold line when you un-suspend the hold? Also how many times or how long can you suspend a hold?

When you suspend a hold, your

When you suspend a hold, your position actually continues to rise in the queue, but the hold won't be fulfilled until you "un-suspend" the hold. There is not a limit to the number of times (or length of time) you suspend and un-suspend a hold, but you are not able to suspend a hold that is already available.
I hope this helps!
PPLD IT Department

Nook sign in

I down loaded the OverDrive app and I'm on the Pike's Peak Library District website on a Nook color. I am able to get on the library website, and the cyber shelf website, but as soon as I click the sign in button nothing happens. I typed in the sign in URL directly and that did not work either. The sign in page will not load. I know cybershelf is working because it will load on my phone. Any ideas?

Hi, I would be happy to help with you Nook Color issue!

Hi Brooke, I would be happy to help you with your Nook Color issue. Please e-mail me at, and I will be able to assist you further!


Tony Hillerman eaudio books

PPLD Overdrive FINALLY has some Tony Hillerman titles. BUT one is abridged and none are the George Guidall recordings, which are absolutely perfect readings. Why put up any other reader?!?!

An extremely sad and disappointed and puzzled PPLD fan.


completely agree, you should not put up any other reader. I agree with your question.

Tony Hillerman

I am sorry you aren't enjoying the Tony Hillerman audios. We only have access to the items that our vendor makes available to us to purchase. So, we purchased all of the titles we could. We will keep an eye open for any new items though. Thank you!

log-in trouble

Hello! I am having trouble logging in. Is the "my account" portion of the website down? Thanks!

Hi there. We were down for a

Hi there. We were down for a bit this morning. Everything should be back up now. Sorry about that!

Log in issues

When I try to log in I am getting "Privilege has expired" error. Any ideas?

Hi there. I think your

Hi there. I think your library card may have expired. Please give us a call at 389-8968, or stop by any library location and we'll clear it up.

Audio books

I love cybershelf and find myself addicted to audio books. It would be great if you had more audio titles by Debbie Macomber, Colleen Colbe, Kristin Hannah, and other christian authors. I always have an audio and ebook loaded on my nook. I really appreciate PPLD and the great library system we have. Have a great day!

Hi there. We're so glad you

Hi there. We're so glad you enjoy CyberShelf. You can visit this page to request items:

Christian Authors

Also try Tracie Peterson and Terry Blackstock! (There were a ton of Tracie's on One-Click Digital but many have disappeared. PPLD said they have all that are available and Digital tells me to contact PPLD. Check the authors' web pages for lists of books in their series. Still, it's nice to get the ones free that you can!)

Hoopla digital

Cannot play video from hoopla digital on my ipad.
Can anyone help me?
I did send mail to hoopla of problem.

Hi there. Give us a call at

Hi there. Give us a call at (719) 884-9674 and we'll be happy to assist you.


Just saw the following on hoopla updates. Is this something that will be done with PPLD?

•A budget rollover feature has been added. This feature allows any unused funds from your monthly budget cap at month’s end to be rolled over to the next month. The goal is to help you keep your allotted funds for hoopla together for an entire fiscal year, rather than operating a month at a time. (NOTE: This feature must be enabled through your hoopla coordinator.)



I can see where I've checked out 2 books to my library account, but when I go to download them on the iPad Overdrive app, it does not work. I can see the 2 titles on my bookshelf with the down arrows on the cover page which I should be able to click and download. I select "download all files" after clicking on the cover page arrow. Then I get an error message that says: "Unexpected Error: An error occurred, please try again. If this error persists, return to your library's website and download this title again." The library website won't let me download it again telling me it's already downloaded. This is not a friendly system at all!!!

Hi there. I am sorry to hear

Hi there. I am sorry to hear you are having problems downloading your ebook. Please make sure that you have created an Adobe Digital Editions account and have authorized your device.
This link may help you:

If that does not work, please contact Overdrive Support:

Let us know if you still need help. Thanks!

Audiobook format

I've attempted to download two audiobooks,on an iPad and an android phone, but get the comment " this device not support this format". It seems that it started after updating my overdrive app. What should/can I do to fix?

Hi there. Contact

Hi there. Contact Overdrive's support at:

They should be able to help you.

Overdrive audiobooks

1) This is becoming frustrating. Two Audiobooks that I have listened to lately--The House on Tradd Street and Never Cry Wolf--have played to the end of the last part and then simply ended, right in the middle of a sentence, before the book was finished! The ends of the books were simply not there. What is going on?

2) It is SO cumbersome to get to my Cyberspace account, especially on my phone. Is there no way we could have a link to sign in to our Cyberspace account directly from the PPLD home page?

Hi there. You can report the

Hi there. You can report the problems with the title here:

The best way to use Overdrive on your phone is to download the App:

There is a link on's home page to CyberShelf. Granted, that's not specifically Overdrive, but it does direct you there.

Hope this helps.

Actually, you might do better

Actually, you might do better to report the problems here instead:

"Library not found"

I cannot login to Overdrive because it tells me my library can't be found. Is this because of the Briargate library closing? Shouldn't I still be able to access the Cybershelf? Help!

Hi there. This is fixed, so

Hi there. This is fixed, so sorry for the inconvenience!

Available E Books

Do some authors for example James Lee Burke, Brad Thor, Mary Higgins Clark, just choose not to make books available to libraries on E Book format?

The three authors are

The three authors are published by Simon and Schuster. Historically they have never sold their titles to the library community. This year Simon and Schuster is testing selling their titles to a few select libraries. We have great hope that they will agree to sell their titles to all libraries if the trial is successful.

Nook problems

Can you help? Old computer worked fine. I got a new computer and loaded Adobe Digital Editions then went OnLine to check out book. Problem with user ID and password. got that straight so I can download to computer and move to Nook. When I try to open it on the Nook I get an error message "User not activated" What now?

"My Account"

Just upgraded to Kyocera Torque (on Sprint). Downloaded the app successfully, but cannot get more than a circle of death when I select "My Account."

kindle re-registration

I just updated my Ipad to IOS7 and now it is telling me I need to register my kindle app, but when I try, it won't recognize my amazon account information. I changed my password to make sure I was using the correct information but still can't get past the "Register this Kindls" page.

Hi there. Please give the

Hi there. Please give the instructions on this page a try:

Let us know if you still need help. Thanks!

New Books

Hi, is it possible to request new Audiobooks? If so how do I go about requesting them for Overdrive?

Hi there. You can request

Hi there. You can request titles for Overdrive using these instructions:

Hope this helps!

Issue with Overdrive since IOS7 update today

I downloaded the IOS7 update for my IPhone 4S this morning, and now when I try to read a book that I had downloaded prior to the update, it gives a "loading" message for a few seconds, then it just exits out of Overdrive.

Hi there. There are some

Hi there. There are some known issues with the iOS7 update. Please see the instructions here:

Hope this helps!

Trouble with login on Toshiba Tablet

When I try to login on my tablet I am sent back to the Get Books page, it is just a continual loop and I am never taken to the library cybershelf page. This only happens on my tablet. All other devices work fine.

Toshiba Tablet

Hi Kathy,
Sorry to hear you are having troubles with your tablet. What sort of Toshiba tablet are you using?